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Grace at the Gait

Recently our students at Grace Academy of North Texas were invited to come back and serve at Mane Gait to prepare for the Gala at the Gait because of how hard they worked. I am extremely proud of them. After the pics, take a look at an article written by one of our students, Olivia Moses, about their experience.

The students at Grace Academy of North Texas volunteered on September twenty fourth for a local therapeutic horsemanship facility, Mane Gait. They deliver the best in therapeutic equestrian activities and in a caring, high-integrity environment.

Every year, Mane Gait hosts a wonderful “Gala at the ‘Gait” to benefit their special needs riders. It provides forty percent of the annual operating costs, including tuition assistance for riders and care for the horses.

After the students at Grace Academy volunteered to help out last year, the coordinators at Mane Gait were all in favor to request them to volunteer again, based on their hard work, attitude, and having a servant heart towards others. When the students were leaving, the staff commented that the eighth graders came up, shook hands, and introduced themselves. They also shared that the students were very well-mannered and commented on how great the grounds looked after they left.

For the Mane Gait Gala, Grace Academy donated a week of Volleyball Camp for next summer and some of the many books written by the Head of School, Mrs. Jody Capehart.

By pulling weeds, moving fence panels, washing fences and outsides of stalls, sweeping, and raking stalls, we students felt that that first and foremost we honored God and His wonderful creations. For more information on Mane Gait and their fifth annual “Gala at the ‘Gait”, please check out their Facebook pages for exciting new updates.


Originally published 3 October 2012